Wednesday, December 21, 2011

where has my time goes?

I didn't realise that I have neglected my blog for so long! So much had taken place in the year. All in all, I am thankful to God for His sustaining grace, though it was a year full of challenges.
The girls have grown so much in a year. Qi Ning is done with her std 1 and is moving on to std 2 in two weeks time. Qi Yu is 5 and is asking for more siblings to play with. she told me yesterday that she wants to have two brother so they can play cowboy and red indian game!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New school year

When the school year begins, we had planned to send the two girls to school, Qi ning to standard 1 while Qi Yu to kindie. But Qi Yu after first day in kindie decided that she is not going to the kindie anymore. She wanted home schooling like jie jie. I actually went with her for the first day and observe her throughout the class. My heart goes out to her as she has no friends and since it was a government kindie, is all malay. Teachers are also malay and during the break, they have to eat with their hand. Poor girl, I think she really didn't enjoy it. So we let her stay home after day 1 since she came down with running nose after that. I guess the stress is too much for her! Told the teacher will wait till after CNY to see how she goes.

Qi Ning started her standard 1. She has never being to school since I home school her for kindie. We were really concerned how she will cope with school. She did well and even being chosen by her classmate as class monitor. But i don't like the long hour and big class. She had 52 in her class and with three hyper active boys in the class. How on earth the teacher cope i don't know. I really wish that the class size is smaller but is just a wishful thought. They have 13 class of standard 1 students and each class have 50-52 students.

Everyday, the students have to arrive school early to avoid the jam. The school recommended the parents to send their kids by 12.30 but the class don't starts till 1.05pm. So this mummy never follow instruction, will only send her to school at 12.45pm to reach school by 12.50pm. Our home is only few minutes drive away. She often worried that she will be late as she is usually few of the last to arrive to the assembly hall. I see no point in sending her earlier to the hall, as the class only starts at 1.05pm and by the time they do to their respective class is already 1.15pm. Schools does not finished till 6.50pm (mon, tues) and 6.25pm(wed-fri). She asked me when i am gonna home school her again!
Guess mummy has to quickly get her thesis done and then can look into home school her!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is coming soon
Dear O old Saint Nicholas,
please turn your ear to me
whisper what you bring to me if you can

Qi Yu has been singing this song a lot lately. She is waiting for Christmas to come! We are going for the caroling this Friday and i just got some goodies bags ready for the kids.
Time just zoom by so fast another year coming soon! Wishing all a blessed Christmas and a happy new year.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

So fast

Time flies, feel like 2010 just beginning not too long ago but now is already December. Next year Qi Ning will be starting standard 1 and next week she has to go for her trial class for 10 days. We were also thinking baout sending QI Yu to kinddie but i am two heart about it. feel like i should home school her myself instead of sending her off to school. Brought her to school the other day and the teacher commented that she is so small.
Last night, Qi Yu asked me to pray for her that she would be brave at school, really unsure of whether to send her or not to send her. Hubby said for me to quickly finished my thesis then i can talked about home school them both. At the moment, my time, everything is so tentative, i dare not commit myself to homeschool Qi Ning. Qi Yu because she is only 5 next year, i think i still can manage. How i wish to get this thesis over and done with. I am at the last lapse but is taking me soooo long! wish it to be over soon!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home schooling

I have been teaching Qi Yu all the alphabet sound since March this year. Being lazy myself, i only teach her once in a while, maybe like once or twice a week. I was feeling guilty about not consistent in teaching her. But thank god she is catching up fast. She already know the sounds to all the 26 alphabet and i am trying to use these alphabet to make words for her. Her enjoy sounding out the words and sometime will sound out the words for me to read. Of course she is not able to read just yet but when she holds book in her hand and do the read alound, it make people think that she already can read! And people will often give her the "wow" which she is pleased!
From time to time, she would request to have class when mummy is being lazy! I used to play hide and seek game with her. i hide the card and say the sound, she goes to search for them. And the jie jie is complaining why her learning is not as fun as meimei! Guess i need to put in some time to look into ways of making learning fun for the jie jie as well!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Qi Yu loves to let her imagination run wild. She often imagine herself to be different kind of thing, usually animal. One day she can be a cute little puppy, another day cute little pony, whale, Dumbo the elephant, Simba the lion king or whatever story she read, she would turn to that and wanted to be called that name. So her name is changing everyday and when you address her with the "wrong" name she would be cross!
She loves to tell story and loves to ask questions. She is a real inqusitive girl, adorable and sweet!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Too Harsh?

With daddy coaching her, Qi Ning's piano is moving on great. She just started to learn piano beginning of this year, she is now at grade 4 pieces and started being Sunday School piano the sunday just pass. She is able to play well but I am not sure whether if we have pushed her too hard. There are time she would cries because it is too hard for her and she say she feel like giving out piano! I don't know whether if this is just part of a learning process or because we pushed her too hard. I just want her to enjoy playing piano and not feel pressurized. She is a smart girl and when she overcome the challenges she would share her happiness. hope we are not too hard on her!